October 5th & 6th, 2017

Hotel Enjoy del Mar

Av. San Martín 199,

Viña del Mar - Chile

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Board of Directors




Separación S/L 2016




Contents of the Congress Summoned

  • Innovation in solid / liquid separation techniques
  • Techniques for water recovery
  • Methodologies of autodilution in thickeners
  • High density thickening and pastes
  • Recovery of minerals and rare earths
  • Tailings filtration techniques
  • Flocculant applications
  • Use of tailings coagulation or instant flocculation
  • Advances in bioleaching with the use of salt water
  • Regulations applicable to tailings deposits
  • Other contents that the Board of Directors propose


  • The program is made up of technical presentations from mining companies, engineering companies, universities and equipment and technology factories.
  • Presentations of 30 minutes of duration.
  • Discussion Panel after each session.
  • Selection of the best presentation by the participants.



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Separación S/L 2016

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